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#foodisourfriend plant based meal plans

Start eating healthier today with a healthier attitude about food. 

#foodisourfriend meal plans are fun, have properly combined food combos for optimal digestion, and are mostly plant-based.

You choose whether you want: 

  • completely vegan (no animal products)
  • vegetarian (no meat)
  • with meats.

Start eating healthier. Choose your meal plan here or by calling 801.602.9604. 


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Shred 10 Program

Shred 10 is a 10 day healthy living boost. The Shred 10 is a healthy living program designed to help you get healthier, happier with: more energy, better-tasting, healthier meals, better  skin, hair, nails, FREEDOM. 

The program consists of a healthy eating plan with which food products to buy. 

We're all about living well every day, but we do love a good challenge! A 10 day hard-core commitment to your health means that if you start on a Monday, then you only need one weekend where you may have to tell your friends that you can’t have that drink or stay out late. What are you ready to shred? 

A 10 day shred is really a more intense 10-day version of the Transform 30 program. With Shred 10, you take on the T30 challenge strictly for 10 days.

10 days is also long enough to get some real results that are motivating and encouraging.

Get yourself or your group started here or by calling 801.602.9604. 


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#foodisourfriend farming project

The #foodisourfriend Farming Project's mission is to give everyone a fair shot at eating well. #foodisourfriend Farming Project is made up of schools, community gardens, local restaurants and health & wellness centers that want to help their communities live well through cleaner food. 

Although we have many obstacles like climate change, a shameful food market, land and unnecessary food waste issues, we have solutions too: vertical gardens and farms. Through aeroponics, we can grow food healthier, faster and in a fun manner. 

There's no reason why we can't all eat clean food. If we grow cleaner food, we will eat healthier foods. Click here to get involved.

Get yourself or your group growing healthier food here or by calling 801.602.9604.