My Top 3 Eating Well Apps + Your Invite to a Healthy Eating Open House

These are the current apps I personally use and recommend to my busy clients who are meal planning, trying to shop healthier and make smarter choices with their money to achieve whatever life goals they're working on. They're all fun, free and on iPhone & Android.  

 If you follow my Snapchat, you'll know I'm currently back in the gym with a personal trainer, shredding so I can get back to dancing and hopefully learn to surf starting summer! 

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My Top 3 Eating Well Apps

1. Water Drink Reminder

Water is LIFE! I say it because I mean it! I feel the difference in every cell of my body when I am fully hydrated and not, especially when I'm working out. Lots of us aren't drinking enough H2O and I love how this app gives you reminders, helps you track progress and helps you reach your goals.  #waterisourfriend!

2. ShopWell

 I'm obsessed with the scanner on this app. This app will help you make smarter choices when grocery shopping and buying packaged foods. Yes, fresh is best but let's be real, packaged foods help when we're short in time or just don't like to cook. Whether you want to avoid soy, wheat, dairy, or GMO foods, this app is for you. 

3. Locavore

This app helps you find local produce and in-season food at farmers markets, farm stands and groceries. Don't forget to use our #foodisourfriend hashtag when sharing with friends on Facebook!  

Also, if you're in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, come join us for a Healthy Eating Open House where you'll listen to inspiring stories, and eat healthy food from our Shred 10 Healthy Eating Program. Come say what's up! We'll see you then!

#foodisourfriend Salt Lake City Utah health nutrition event - Taste of Shred Tasting Open House , SLC UT

What is Shred 10?

The #foodisourfriend Shred 10 is a healthy living program designed to help you get whatever makes your life better: more energy, better-tasting, healthier meals, better  skin, hair, nails, FREEDOM. Whatever good food means to you we believe and want to help you get there. 

The program consists of a healthy eating plan, including healthy recipes with which products to buy. 

Of course we're all about living well every day, but we do love a good challenge! A 10 day hard-core commitment to your health means that if you start on a Monday, then you only need one weekend where you may have to tell your friends that you can’t have that drink or stay out late. That's why I love shredding! And after my Peru trip, I need it!

A 10 day shred is really a more intense 10-day version of the Transform 30 program. With Shred 10, you take on the T30 challenge strictly for 10 days.

10 days is also long enough to get some real results that are motivating and encouraging.

And you can repeat 10 days shreds throughout your entire year to make continuous progress. Free plant-based meal plans when you join the challenge by March 19th.