Tacos Dorados de Papa

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If you're new to this food blog, you might not know we do things way different than most food and health and wellness blogs. For starters, this blog is in Spanglish, because well... that's one of the many languages I speak ;) The older generations frown upon us kids speaking Spanglish, pero fue su culpa. Spanglish is what it is- an adaptation. Spanglish is when you mix English and Spanish, and if you don't know it, you're the one missing out. 

But the main reason I speak Spanglish here is because I want to teach English and Spanish to those that don't know these languages. And Spanglish is a good way for me to do that. I grew up in a Central American household (Mama is from Honduras, Pops is from El Salvador) but the truth is that if you grew up or are living in Los Angeles, you've got a lot of Mexican in you. 

The Mexican culture has heavy influence EVERYWHERE in Southern California, especially LA. It's in the hustle, the music, and obviously in the food. I won't claim to be an expert on this stat, but I don't know many people who will pass on Mexican. Whether it's a simple Elote con Queso or Caldo or Ceviche or Tacos- if it's made by hand and with love, we all know it's going to taste good. 

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Good taste comes from hands that love to serve

Our family is Central American by blood and Mexican by marriage so I grew up eating all kinds of bomb food south of the border. The Mexican side of our family loved food and serving so much they've been in the restaurant business since I can remember. 

My family are people who love. They love life. They love people. They love food and sharing that good time of eating with others. 

What I love the most about the Mexican culture is the importance of family no matter what. It's what most of us Latinos are known for. We always put family first- with is both beautiful and annoying. But it is what it is and we wouldn't want it any other way. 


Healthy Cooking Lessons from Mexican Cuisine

  1. Be confident in what you cook - we came from super poor homes but our families confidently always had rice, beans and tortillas for us to eat- 50 million ways. And we ate it con ganas!
  2. Do everything by hand - this means cook meals from scratch. Everyone can tell if you made it just now or from lata, the can. Go fresh! 
  3. Cook with love - always. Whether you put 3 or 30 minutes into the meal, make it with meaning, purpose and make it taste good. That's what we call love. You can always tell if someone has good intention cooking your food. That means nothing undercooked, burned or overly salted. 

I'll never forget my college years when I had that BYU professor tried to down-talk Latin food to me before I had to educate her. So you all know, most countries around the world make good food. I love my country, but we can't deny we fuck up our food supply.

When people immigrate to the States, they tend to gain weight. So let's not get it twisted. If you know true Mexican food, you know it's regional, fresh and mostly veggie and corn based before throwing in some meats. 

With Drinko de Mayo para la mayoria de gente celebrando, I wanted to make easy hard shell tacos that were atypical and Shred friendly. We know most of y'all are going to be making guac, so this will be good with it. These are vegetarian so they won't give you nasty burps when you mix it with your tragos. 


Receta Saludable: Tacos Dorados de Papa

Potato + Cheese Hard Tacos recipe


  • fresh corn tortillas
  • your fave potatoes
  • your fave queso (optional)
  • cilantro
  • onion
  • Chili Beak Chili Oil
  • 3 large red tomatoes 
  • grapeseed oil
  • 3 gloves garlic

Cooking Directions

  1. Slice potatoes and cheese into 1/4 inch wedges. Set aside.
  2. Bring enough oil to coat pan and bring to medium-high heat. 
  3. Add potatoes and flip when about to brown. Set aside. 
  4. When potatoes are done, prep oil for tortillas by adding more, cleaning it out.
  5. Add tortilla and then potato and cheese slices. Flip to make a half moon shape. Flip when just brown. 
  6. Leave on a napkin to soak excess oil.

To prep salsa...

  1. Add tomatoes, chopped onions, garlic and 2 tablespoons Chili beak oil in a blender and pulse. 
  2. Chop up onions, cilantro and add Mexican crema, sour cream (optional).
#foodisourfriend tacos dorados de papa healthy mexican recipe

Share in the comments: What's your fave Mexican? What's your fave Shred 10 recipe so far?

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