15+ Seasonal Spring Water Infusions

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#foodisourfriend spring water infusions

Raise your hand if you know water is good for us.

Raise your hand if you're actually drinking enough. 

I know the struggle. It's gotta be the right temp. It's gotta come from the right source. It took me a while to find out what I like... 

You've got to start somewhere. 

A good life starts with the basics, like water- one of the most simple elements. If you're one of those who doesn't like plain water, learn to dress it up!

If you're totally mentally blocked on where to start, start from something that inspires you. 

Lately it's been my travels inspiring me. From Costa Rica to Peru to time spent in Los Angeles with fam, I take those memories and experiences to influence how I dress, speak, work- ultimately, how I live my life.

Start from where you are and look around. Not feeling the vibes? Move around and go to what draws you in.

Personally for me, any body of water will always draw me in. It could be that I'm a fire sign, it could be my childhood memories of beach bummin' with the fam , and it's probably those dreams I have of taking a vacation on a yacht. But the water draws me in every time. And I found I love the taste of water when I add the right flavors in it.

Water is one of the most simplest, most powerful forces of life, and it's what many of us ignore. So I invite you to use whatever you have on hand, whatever you see or whatever you're inspired to get when you're out shopping. The point is to enjoy drinking water your way! 

The following spring water infusions are inspired by the work our gardening community is doing and by local community gardens in our cities.

#foodisourfriend spring water infusions

15 + Seasonal Spring Water Infusions

 Below are some of my favorite infusions for spring! Remember to use recommended natural spring water. If using herbs, feel free to use your hand to slap the herb and release its flavor and nutrition. Let me know how you like them by using our #foodisourfriend hashtag online!

Simple Water Infusions

Use 1 ingredient to flavor your water.

  • Chia Water
  • Cucumber Water
  • Mint Water
  • Lemon Water
  • Lavender H20

Double Water Infusions

Use 2 ingredients to flavor your water.

  • Coconut Chia Water
  • Lemon Chia H2O
  • Lemon-Basil H2O
  • Cucumber Mint H20
  • Kiwi Basil Water

Triple Water Infusions

Use 3 ingredients to flavor your water.

  • Orange Blueberry Chia Water
  • Lemon-Lime Chia H2O
  • Tangerine Mint Basil Water
  • Pomegranate Mint H2O
  • Lavender Mint Water


Be inspired by others

Also super inspiring is the work people in my hometowns are doing to help our local communities.  I'm always inspired by their work, which I call art. Right now I'm currently obsessed with community gardens of all sorts, and one I'm really digging is Ron Finley's Gangsta Garden in LA.


After having little to no good options to eat well in his neighborhood, he started growing flowers, fruits and veggies outside his home. Why not make use of deserted plots of land, right? When things started blooming, he got fined by the City of Los Angeles and he fought the cause 'til they changed the law. How inspiring is that?!

So now he invites everyone to do the same for themselves. Whether you start regrowing food scraps, start a few herb pots or come help volunteer your hands to a local garden, just get up and #plantsomeshit!

#foodisourfriend blog - a day at the Gansta Garden LA, Ron Finley
Ron Finley gangsta garden LA #foodisourfriend blog
Isabel Mejia (IM Nutrition) Ron Finley (Ron Finley HQ) #foodisourfriend #plantsomeshit LA gardening
Isabel Mejia @foodisourfriend at Ron Finley's Gangsta Garden Los Angeles

The Gangsta Garden is a fave because it's so eclectic.  I love how Ron has allowed a platform for artists to come and do their thing, aka practice their crafts. There's everything from flowers to herbs to bananas to succulents. You'd lose track of counting what's in there, but I can tell you it's full of life and passion. 

The garden shows the beauty of what happens when you put in hard work into something you want and the beauty of gathering a community around good food. 

Eating good food shouldn't be a luxury. It really is a necessity for life. If you support eating well and living life, you should support a local community garden like Ron's Gangsta Garden.  

Ron Finley's Gangsta Garden Garden Taco party #foodisourfriend blog

The Gangsta Garden right now really needs our help! The land it's on is foreclosing and without our help, it's gone. Please go here to donate and help save the gangsta garden! gofundme.com/savethegangstagarden

Not only do community gardens literally give us life, they bring people together to eat well, learn, work, and enjoy the simple, beautiful things in life.

Ron Finley also works with others members of the community, and we're super grateful to have people like him lead others in a positive direction in life. Thank you for your hard work, Ron!

So wherever your inspiration, just get started! If you need any help, you know where to find us!

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To follow Ron Finley and his work, follow @RonFinleyHQ on Instagram and ronfinley.com.