Best Snacks for Energy, Fitness and Good Health

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A big thanks to everyone that made it out to our Healthy Eating Open house! We had a packed house full of curious souls, ambitious eaters and supportive buddies!

We ate, shared recipes, listened to some great inspirational stories and exchanged tips for better sleep, drinking more water and getting more fruits + veggies in. We also introduced the Shred 10 program, a revolutionary healthy living program that I've been doing for the last few months (if you watch my Snapchat, you've seen me share tons of recipes, workouts and my personal struggles and victories with the challenge). 

What is Shred 10?

Shred 10 is a lifestyle program that helps you shred unhealthy habits so you can establish new ones The program is revolutionary because it's the first challenge I've seen that focuses on habits and the use of real food (NO fake supplements here!). With all the environmental toxins surrounding us, more and more we need the support of more fruits + veggies for ongoing cleansing. The Shred 10 program helps you get whatever you want in life by encouraging not only eating more fruits + veggies, but drinking more water, getting more sleep, eliminating processed foods and sugars from your eating plan for 10 days to give you a jump-start into better habits for health.

What Shred 10 is...

  • 10 day jumpstart with ongoing health improvements over time
  • nutrition educational experience
  • scientifically based
  • safe, doable & effective

What Shred 10 is not...

  • a weight loss program (though many do this program to reach their goal weight, up or down!)
  • a fad diet

Shred 10 Guidelines

  • Add more real foods to your diet
  • plenty of H20
  • Sleep 6-8 hours
  • Exercise Most Days (whatever you like to do best to get your body moving)
  • Eliminate dairy, caffeine, alcohol, processed food, artificial and refined sugar
  • No eating 3 hours before sleeping.

For more guidelines on Shred 10, click here.

When will Shred 10 Challenges Happen?

You might've seen me do Shreds sporadically or whenever I need an energy boost, but as a group we will do the Shred 10 Challenge once every month, starting on the first Monday of each month. Our first group challenge will start Monday, April 3! Join our Facebook group here

#foodisourfriend shred 10 healthy smoothies snack

Best Healthy Snacks for Energy, Fitness and Good Skin

All these snacks are Shred 10 approved because they are natural, organic and non-GMO foods.

  1. Any raw fruits you love. Sweet fruit tastes so good alone!
  2. Raw fajita crunch - raw red, yellow, green bell peppers slices
  3. Raw cucumber chips - raw cucumber slices (with lemon, salt, paprika optional)
  4. Your fave raw veggies + hummus
  5. 1/2 avocado w/ lemon juice + salt
  6. Fresh guacamole - duh!
  7. Raw nuts + seeds
  8. Popcorn (non-GMO w/ nutritional yeast, red chili pepper flakes)
  9. Kale chips
  10. Plantbased Green & Rainbow Smoothies

These are my favorite snacks because they're the easiest to prep on a super busy schedule and they taste GOOD. Add these easy, healthy snacks to your healthy eating plan. If you're low on time,  prep 1-2 times a week so you can keep some on the go or at your desk.

shred 10 healthy eating open house utah slc - isabel mejia

Taste of Shred Healthy Eating Open House

Many of you have requested another Healthy Eating Open House so we're hosting another one Wednesday, April 5th at 7 pm in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Come eat, hang with us and learn about the Shred 10 program with one of our personal trainers. It's gonna be a fun night and a great way to boost health habits mid-week!

Shred 10 Healthy Eating Open House

Wednesday, April 5 at 7 pm

10777 S Ozarks Drive

South Jordan, UT 84009

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