How to Healthfully Thicken Soups with these Real Foods

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It's officially Fall. Wahhh.

Time for sweaters, pumpkin spice everything and comfort foods like soups! 

By the time it's starting to cool down, our bodies are naturally trying to get back their normal body temps by heating up. What better way to do it than with food?

While I'm a summer brat and just love hot, hot weather (I'm Latina, it's in my blood), I do love seeing Fall colors. In Utah, it's the most beautiful time. The Fall is super short, and people are lucky to have perfect 70-80 degree whether before it drops to snowfall for a good part of the year. 

Soups are perfect for Fall and Winter for obvious reasons. They're HOT, and pretty easy to make (especially if you have a crock-pot). Tons of restaurants are about to come out with hot new menus, and because we have friends in the business, we know who's actually making the good stuff and who's adding unnecessary sugar and butter to soups. 

You read that right. Even eateries that claim to serve healthy food add not only a shit ton of butter to soups to thicken it, but sugar too! It's so not necessary. It's just a way to "save on food costs-" but it will cost you your health, so wake up and pay attention.

How to Healthfully Thicken Soups

Add shredded potatoes

Take a potato and shred using a big cheese grater. When your soup is boiling, add a couple handfuls of shredded potatoes to thicken soups, stews. Potatoes have a mild taste so they're the veggies I go for first. 

Add a homemade gluten-free flour

You can make your own flour by grinding rice, quinoa in a blender. Add to soup at the end of cooking to thicken it. 

Add pieces of bread

This is a really great idea, especially when you over-salt soups. Break apart bread pieces and toss them in. They' soak up water fast so add them the last 10 minutes of cooking. 

Add rice

This is the easiest step to be frank. Toss a handful of rice (rice or brown) to any soup that's boiling to add bulk to stews. You can also make your own rice flour by blending in a blender and tossing inside soup.

Add beans

If you're making any kind of chunky soup, like a chili, there are tons of beans varieties that would blend well into a savory soup. Go for black, white, navy, anything you like!

Add add any veggie mix, and blend

If none of these foods are available, you can always roughly chop up a bunch of veggies you have on hand and toss them in to thicken your soup. Then should or blend to the consistency you like.