Green Garden Wellness Pop-Up Lounge + Grow Kits for Pre-Order Now

#growhealthyfood green garden wellness pop-up lounge by IM Nutrition

Introducing the Green Garden Wellness Pop-Up Lounge  

Food + art + technology = health of a community. That's what we believe!

We are super excited to introduce a new eating experience at our Green Garden Wellness Pop-Up Lounge.

The Green Garden Wellness Lounge is our way of inspiring healthy living around the world and is part of a new initative, #growhealthyfood.

Everything in the wellness lounge has life, is edible and is there to help you live well, making it a unique environment to hang out, learn and shop in. The Green Garden Wellness Pop-Up Lounge combines food + art + technonology to inspire eating well. At the lounge, you will also enjoy:

  • Complimentary massages
  • Hydrating Summer H2O Infusions
  • Vertical Tower Garden Installations
  • Seeds & Sprouts Sensory Station
  • Living Garden Wall + Photobooth

We've also got wellness activities, garden giveaways and more! 

The lounge is green in every sense. You'll jump inside a food forest that's a NO-Waste Zone. Everything is made with food, plants and eco-friendly, re- and -up cycable materials. Art installations aim to inspire you to have fun and be creative with growing food at home. We believe sustainability starts with one simple change and can be done now with what you have.

Don't wait for Monday. Don't wait until you're "ready." You have the power to change anything in your life today if you just try.

The Garden Lounge is going to pop-up everywhere from Utah to California to New York to Texas and beyond the states. Join our healthy cooking club to be the first updated. And if we're in your hometown, please do join us! 

If you're in Utah now, you can pre-order your Aeroponic Grow Kits for pick up at one of our upcoming local events below:

utah aeroponics grow kits, seedlings #growhealthyfood #foodisourfriend IM Nutrition

Plant a Seed, Grow a Community at Happy Valley Farmers Market, Utah August 4 & 11, 2017.

Once you purchase your mini-grow kit,  follow our event on Facebook for updates:

glow in dark garden bowling #growhealthyfood fundraiser

Glow in the Dark Garden Bowling at Happy Valley Farmers Market, Utah

Once you purchase your grow kit,  follow our event on Facebook for updates: