32+ Ways to Say 'I Love You' (+ V-Day freebies!)

It doesn't matter what day it is, we love to show our Amores how much they mean to us. But on Valentine's Day, we like to overdo it! Totally eats bashing on love, right?

We are BIG fans of Valentine's Day over here.

As much as Valentine's Day seems like it's about showing love to others, we hope you're doing as much (if not more) for yourself. There's nothing cute about being desperate to please others while totally neglecting yourself.

The billion-dollar industry will try to make you think it's about racking roses, chocolate and balloons, and while those things are nice, they aren't the only things to bring smiles to people's faces. Sometimes it's the most simplest things that make the best memories. We won't lie-luxury delights too. Below are a list of things you can do for yourself and your Valentine's from non-existent budgets to limitless ones.

At the end of the day, I hope you do a bunch from list 1! 

How to Show Love to the #1 in your life, You

  • Take a walk, hike, jog somewhere real pretty. Your body loves moving. It'll get you happy, so enjoy it!
  • Take a few minutes to take long, deep breaths and be grateful you have them. 
  • Bank a few laughs. Remember something funny that recently happened. 
  • Look in the mirror and tell yourself 3 reasons why you love YOU so much.
  • Cook yourself something special today. Do it with love. Or pay someone else, but make it indulgent and don't feel guilty. 
  • Buy yourself that watch, that computer, that car you've been eye-ing for a while. Pretty sure you deserve it.
  • Treat yourself to the spa, a fancy sport, or an exotic vacation. Book that ish now!
  • Invest in your health. Drink more water, take yoga, hire a nutritionist. Without your health, you'll have nothing else. It's amazing how good you feel when you make that a priority. 
  • Work out. Get your happy mood hormones turnt doing any kind of your favorite exercise. 
  • Masturbate. Even if you're having sex too. No one can do it to you like you can. Ever. ;)


How to Show Love to Your Lovers & Friends

Your lovers...

  • Take a long, romantic walk somewhere... with a view, along the beach, to the taco stand ;)
  • Couple's massages. I don't know anyone that denies these. 
  • Make a personal mixtape. Corny, but who doesn't like a good dedication?
  • Sports game. Even if you hate sports, rock a cute jersey and order a cocktail. Compromise!
  • Go to an art museum. Get confused and try to figure it out together. 
  • Get retro with an outdoor picnic with their fave foods. 
  • Cook your lover their favorite meal. Or hire a chef to do it.
  • If cooking isn't you thing, take your Amor somewhere nice to eat. 
  • Make your Amor healthy, homemade candy. Make them eat it off you. 
  • Couple's bath. Nuff said. 
  • Couple's workout. I'll leave the activity up to you ;)


Your family and friends...

  • Send your non-mushy BFF a Valentine's Day meme. The end. 
  • Just kidding. If you really appreciate them, send them a pair of tickets to a movie they want to see, a concert, a class they want to try, you get it. They're so cool they'll probably invite. If they don't, you're so cool it doesn't matter. 
  • Share cupcakes, macaroons or other baked sweets. Homemade or bought, this always wins.
  • Take your pics and make them black and white. Frame or put in an album. Black and white pics are classic never goes out of style.
  • Take your siblings or friends to a concert. Bob your head and dance your asses off.  
  • Host a Gal-entines or Pal-entines soiree for everyone. Show your love with entertainment; don't be a dick and separate the singles from the couples. 
  • Take your crew on a helicopter ride somewhere locally. Speaking from experience, this is too much fun to just enjoy with 1 other person. 
  • Donate a gift to a charity close to a cause. 
  • Donate money to a local community garden. Here's a beauty I'm loving: donate to Ron Finley's Gangsta Garden in Los Angeles here. 


Your Valentine's Day Freebies

You'll find all kinds of free sweets, but we want to invest in your wellness. We will be offering the following for the rest of February.