My personal story. 

Hi. I'm Isabel. 

It was well before my brother got sick that I was studying health in school. We always said his cancer was something we'd talk about when it was all over.

That day would never come. Cancer took his life before I could even grasp what was really going on. I spent so many years being confused, angry and depressed that I couldn't pick myself up for years after he passed. 

For years I felt I was stuck. The only thing that maybe helped me feel better were my friends and family who tried in their own way to help. Without a doubt I believe my friends (who I also call family) saved me. Every time someone gave me a book to read, I felt alive again.

I refused to treat my depression with pharmaceuticals and extensively researched the healing powers of hydration therapy and plant-based nutrition to get me healthy again. Who knew medicating through nutrition, lots of work, and volunteering would work?

To be frank, I've always had nerdy and creative sides of me. I meshed that with my love of cooking and connecting others to the table, which is how #foodisourfriend was born. Never in a million years did I think I'd create a company around a food blog, but I'm glad I did. We've made so much progress, fam!

I've turned my personal health journey and food journals into therapy for me and a business to help my friends, families and local communities.

Thanks for joining me on my journey. I'm happy to help you with yours!

Much love, 

Isabel :)


How #foodisourfriend can help you be healthy for life.


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