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How #foodisourfriend helps you be healthy for life.

About #foodisourfriend live well brand

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, you’re in the right place:

"How can I get more time to plan and prep healthier meals?"
"How can I persuade someone to workout with (or help) me to get fit?"
"How can I have access for healthier foods without blowing my budget?"
"What do I need to get started with growing my own garden or farm?"
"How can I get my friends and family to support my mission to sustain my health?"

Most of you are eating the wrong way. #foodisourfriend will save your days.

Ever wonder how there's so many "healthy food fad diets and products" but we keep getting more and more sick? more obese? more out of touch with real food?

Our health problems really don't stem from obsessing over carbs or fats or proteins. They also don't just stem from the fake food on the market. 

In the land of plenty, our behavorial health issues stem from something not many of us are taught: to be positive about food. 

I tell everyone from my best friend to my clients: It's just as bad to eat cookies all day every day as it is to eat apples the same way. We need a variety of foods to be well and we all have a different balance.  

Put that in perspective. If you cannot find a reason why a particular food is good for you, then maybe you shouldn't eat it. If you can, then do it! All food can be good for you, especially when you feed your body positivity first.

Eat a cookie and enjoy it, or don't. Eat an apple and enjoy it, or don't. 

#foodisourfriend started off as a rebuttal I'd give people every time they brought negativity around food. But it evolved into a life philosophy and lifestyle brand.


Isabel Mejia IM Nutrition #foodisourfriend founder

My personal story. 

Hi. I'm Isabel. 

It's my belief you already have everything you need to be well. You just need to learn how to use it, and have someone to nudge you... 

It was well before my brother got sick that I was studying community health in school. We always said his cancer was something we'd talk about when it was all over.

That day would never come. Cancer took his life before I could even grasp what was really going on. I spent so much time being confused, angry and depressed that I couldn't pick myself up for years after he passed. 

I felt I was stuck in life.

Without a doubt I believe my friends (who I call family) and the arts, all from theater to artisan handiwork to music, saved me. Every time someone gave me a book to read or I had a song I could dance to, I felt alive again. 

I had refused to treat my depression with pharmaceuticals and extensively researched the healing powers of hydration therapy and plant-based nutrition to get me healthy again. Who knew medicating through nutrition, lots of work, and volunteering would work?

My recovery from depression was longer than I ever imagined. I truly suffered for what I was feeling as an eternity. But something in me always said, "Don't give up. You can do this. You will get better." And though it was slow, it did happen. 

The catalyst that ended up helping immensely was a plant-based diet, so I ate mostly vegetarian. I started a mostly vegetarian food blog, called #foodisourfriend, to focus on all the positive qualities of food to help healing. This food + family + wellness blog also chronicles my personal life, my teachings and practical common-sense solutions to cooking healthier.  

The way health education is taught is not at all congruent to how we eat in a Latin American home. Working in health education as a Latina has always been a struggle for me. My parents are immigrants, so I obviously inherited from that culture as well as my home LA culture. Food is something we use to bring people together and we have very positive associations with eating. Because of this it's unnatural for me to speak negatively about food, or my body. It just isn't in us. It's hard to find this style of teaching in the health field. So because I had no one to look up to, I became that superhero for myself and hope to be it for others who need it. 

Most health educators focus on teaching others to be thin, how to count every single calorie or macro, to participate in too many detox days, many times creating obsessive habits...

...and while I won't deny we should be more than aware of our habits to take action, we as health educators also need to teach food and body positivity, teach that there are different body types, we need to take into account people's culture when creating a health program for them,  and we need to teach people to work from where they are and with what they have. 

Never have I seen inclusivity for all in the health field. There's a "standard of health" that's unrealistic and we have evironments that don't support healthy living. Because I had no supportive environment or no one to look up to for help myself, I became that superhero for myself and hope to be it for others who need it. 

Here at IM nutrition we do things very different for our community. It's a food shame-free zone and we use the arts, specifically music, to help you make changes to your eating behaviors. You can find music pairings with everything recipe and won't feel guilty about eating. That's not how we roll here. 

Work gave me the chance to combine the science nerdy and creative sides of myself to help others like me. I meshed that with my love of cooking and connecting others to the table, which is how #foodisourfriend was born. Never in a million years did I think I'd create a company around a food blog, but I'm glad I did. We've made so much progress, fam! 

About IM Nutrition

I've turned my personal health journey and food journals into therapy for me and a business to help my friends, families and local communities. 

We offer food & body positive community and personal wellness programs such as:

  • group farmers market & grocery shopping tours
  • #foodisourfriend field trips (tours around local, good food purveyors)
  • healthy personal development motivational speaking
  • healthy cooking classes &workshops
  • group grocery shopping tours
  • mobile vertical garden installations
  • personal meal plans


Thanks for joining me on my journey. I'm happy to help you with yours!

Much love, 

Isabel :)

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