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Fridge Organization + Meal Planning + Health Coaching

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Jump-start your health with a nutrition guide that includes 5 foods to toss out, meal planning secrets...

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Fridge Makeover + 7 Day Plan

Fridge + freezer organization +7 day meal planning

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Fridge Makeover + 14 Day Plan

Fridge + freezer +14 day meal planning

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Fridge Makeover + 30 Day Plan

Fridge + freezer + pantry organization +30 day meal planning

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Jump Start Your Health with Assess My Mess Refrigerator Makeovers

The New Year season stirs up a sense of renewal and adventure in many, and rightfully so. Last year has come and gone, and most of us are thinking about stepping it up! I want to help you step up your game this year. Click here for a nutrition guide to get you a jump-start

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Get Anything You Want in 2015 with the #foodisourfriend Challenge

Get Anything You Want in 2015 with the #foodisourfriend Challenge No matter what your goals or resolutions are for 2015 you’ll need positivity to fuel your hard work. I won’t sugar-coat it: without a positive attitude about food, you’ve got nothing good. The healthiest habit you can start at any moment is to think positively

Your Guide to Ringing in the New Year without a Hangover

I don’t see health educators out there covering this subject, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity. Alcohol is part of many people’s lives, there’s no denying it. We can all agree with that New Year’s is synonymous with partying, right? On this special day you’re either in party mode all day or something inside of

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How to Dry Your Own Herbs & Spices + Easy Thanksgiving Preparation Tips

Thanksgiving is less than a week away and NOW is the time to start prepping! Whether you are buying your Thanksgiving dinner or making as much of it from scratch, you’ve got to prepare ahead of time to get it right. Stressing last minute is not the business! Don’t worry. I got you. Thanksgiving can

isa food tune-up FT

All About My Personal Food Tuneup (Including Foods to Eat, Avoid, a Meal Plan + Workouts)

Today is an important day for me. Today is exactly 30 days before my 30th birthday! I’m super excited because I love a good excuse to party, but I’m a also a little nervous because it means saying bye to my 20’s, a time that I devoted to learning so much about myself, and a

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3 Tricks to Make Fast Food Healthier for You

Most people will agree that healthy eating is hard to do when you’re on vacation. It’s hard enough when you’re at home, but especially when you’re away because you’ve got that “So what? I’m on vacay” attitude, which makes it tempting to splurge on anything that grabs your attention. I feel your pain. When you’re

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Sweet, Spicy and Savory Avocado-Stuffed Grilled Cheese Sandwich + Whole Foods Giveaway

If you know me, you know I have an affinity for meals that hit all the sweet, salty, and spicy spots in my tongue. Eat Local Week Utah may be over, but you can still continue to the eat local movement by eating as local as you can whenever possible. Here are 21 meals and

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Sign up for Eat Local Week Utah 2014

If you’ve ever wondered how eating locally is important to your family’s health, the local economy, and your overall well-being (yes, they’re all related), then this is the perfect challenge for you. Utah’s Eat Local Week Challenge 2014 is simple- eat as local as you can. What’s great is that here in Utah, we have