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Fridge Organization + Meal Planning + Health Coaching

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Fridge Makeover + 7 Day Plan

Fridge + freezer organization +7 day meal planning

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Fridge Makeover + 14 Day Plan

Fridge + freezer +14 day meal planning

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Fridge Makeover + 30 Day Plan

Fridge + freezer + pantry organization +30 day meal planning

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3 Paleo Recipes from Whole Foods Utah Cooking Class

Thank you all for coming to our Paleo cooking class at Whole Foods Market Utah in South Valley! You all brought great energy to the table and you all had really great questions! The Paleo lifestyle is a super hot topic and something I’ve been curious about for a while now. It’s not just the

michelle money assess my mess refrigerator makeover utah health

How to Fix Refrigerator & Pantry Spring Cleaning Mistakes + 2 Meals in a Jar Recipes

Hey guys! Happy new week! This morning I had the pleasure of working with Michelle Money, one of the beauties on Good Things Utah, a popular local morning show in Utah. We organized her fridge and pantry with an Assess My Mess Refrigerator Makeover and I helped her prepare some easy meals she could take on


Whole Foods Market Utah Gluten Free Cooking Class Recipes

If you missed our last healthy grocery shopping tour and cooking class last month at Whole Foods Market, Utah in Draper, don’t worry! There are more to come soon! We had a great first run, and just in case you couldn’t make it (or you lost your recipe cards), we’ve got you covered for the

Honey Chipotle Tacos with Rice and Beans

Honey Chipotle Tacos with Rice and Beans Recipe Ingredients sprouted corn tortillas 2 roma tomatoes 1/4 head of cabbage small bunch of cilantro 2 cups of freshly cooked pinto beans 2 cups of freshly cooked white rice 1 clove of garlic 1/4 onion 1 chipotle chili pepper   Directions Heat up corn tortillas. Add beans

Whole Foods grocery Shopping Tours in utah with IM Nutrition

Join us for Grocery Shopping Tours & Cooking Classes at Whole Foods Utah

It’s National Nutrition Month! Celebrate with us at Whole Foods in Salt Lake City March is National Nutrition Month and we’re kicking it off with exciting news! We’ve partnered with Whole Foods UT to bring you healthy grocery shopping tours and cooking classes for the spring and summer! Nutrition is our favorite food subject and we couldn’t think of

#foodisourfriend healthy cooking club FT

Join the #Foodisourfriend Cooking Club

Join the #Foodisourfriend Cooking Club Our health newsletter has a new name: the #Foodisourfriend Cooking Club! For years I’ve been vocal about my love for food blogs. I’ve learned to learn to cook a ton of great recipes from food blogs I follow. On top of that, I’ve built some meaningful relationships through the love

raw melissa apple crisp

In the kitchen with Raw Melissa making Raw Apple Crisp (Watch our Video Recipe!)

  Have you ever had Raw Melissa’s desserts? They’re some of the BEST desserts in town! So you can guess my excitement when she asked me to come cook with her in her kitchen. How could I say no? In my eyes she’s the healthy food queen in all of Utah. Everyone and their momma

ABC 4 toss out food

3 Unhealthy Foods to Toss Out the Fridge NOW + Which Foods to Replace Them With

All About Giving ABC 4 studios’ a refrigerator makeover This week I went into Utah’s ABC Channel 4 studios to give their fridge an Assess My Mess refrigerator makeover on Good Things Utah! Good Things Utah is Utah’s most popular TV morning show, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share my message with you

Assess FT

Jump Start Your Health with Assess My Mess Refrigerator Makeovers

The New Year season stirs up a sense of renewal and adventure in many, and rightfully so. Last year has come and gone, and most of us are thinking about stepping it up! I want to help you step up your game this year. Click here for a nutrition guide to get you a jump-start

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Get Anything You Want in 2015 with the #foodisourfriend Challenge

Get Anything You Want in 2015 with the #foodisourfriend Challenge No matter what your goals or resolutions are for 2015 you’ll need positivity to fuel your hard work. I won’t sugar-coat it: without a positive attitude about food, you’ve got nothing good. The healthiest habit you can start at any moment is to think positively

Your Guide to Ringing in the New Year without a Hangover

I don’t see health educators out there covering this subject, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity. Alcohol is part of many people’s lives, there’s no denying it. We can all agree with that New Year’s is synonymous with partying, right? On this special day you’re either in party mode all day or something inside of

dry herbs-FT

How to Dry Your Own Herbs & Spices + Easy Thanksgiving Preparation Tips

Thanksgiving is less than a week away and NOW is the time to start prepping! Whether you are buying your Thanksgiving dinner or making as much of it from scratch, you’ve got to prepare ahead of time to get it right. Stressing last minute is not the business! Don’t worry. I got you. Thanksgiving can

isa food tune-up FT

All About My Personal Food Tuneup (Including Foods to Eat, Avoid, a Meal Plan + Workouts)

Today is an important day for me. Today is exactly 30 days before my 30th birthday! I’m super excited because I love a good excuse to party, but I’m a also a little nervous because it means saying bye to my 20’s, a time that I devoted to learning so much about myself, and a