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Fridge Makeover + 7 Day Plan

Fridge + freezer organization +7 day meal planning

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Fridge Makeover + 30 Day Plan

Fridge + freezer + pantry organization +30 day meal planning

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Meal Preppin’ Mondays: Orange Spiced Buffalo Wings

It’s no secret I’m not a huge fan of watching football. I’d rather play it (flag! Relax!), but trust that those days are long gone! When Super Bowl Sunday comes around, you can always find me in the kitchen- cooking, munching and drinking with the girls. I’ll come out to watch the funny ads maybe,

#TowerToTable Veggie-Rich Chicken Sausage Kabobs

We are still balls deep into Sundance season, and with only 2 events left, I wanted to take a moment to share a little about why we’re teaching alcohol education at some of our events. Looking for something fun to do to compliment your Sundance movies? Check out our events here.  I’m not health cop.

photo credit Vida Tequila

Sundance Vida Tequila Tasting Invite + How to Look Chic During Cold, Snowy Sundance Film Festival

You are cordially invited to come kick off the Sundance Film Festival with a Tequila Tasting at zest kitchen & bar.   Tequila + good food . Could you ask for anything better to compliment a Sundance 2016 flick…or another Thursday night? Get out of the cold and come kick off Sundance Film Festival 2016

Meal Preppin’ Mondays: Crispy Cabbage and Turkey Fettucine Pasta Recipe

“I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture of their minds, and dignity, equality, and freedom for their spirits.” – MLK   With a new year comes thousands of new food products on the market, and you now have a sneak peek

SUNDANCE-film festival FOOD-guide

#foodisourfriend Insider Guide to Good Food and Drinks at Sundance

Salt Lake and Park City are not shy of great restaurants to eat any time of the week. But there are a special few that are making you feel extra nice during the week of the Sundance Film Festival, which starts this Thursday, Jan 21! The Sundance Film Festival showcases American and international independent films


Meal Preppin’ Mondays: Seasonal Chicken Chopped Salad + Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing Recipes

Happy New Year fam and welcome to Meal Preppin’ Mondays, where we will have the strategies you need to make easy, quick meals for the year to come. Of all the health projects we’re launching this new year, this is one I’m most excited for!   Meal Preppin’ Mondays: Very similar to what we are

FT #foodisourfriend new years resolutions

Why New Years Resolutions Don’t Suck & the ONE Resolution You Should Make to Improve Your Health

I love seeing people give different expressions when asked about New Year resolutions… On one hand, you have those who have a pretty good idea of what they want to do in the upcoming year, and then you have those who probably hate admitting it, but they too are planning new things for the year.

cranberry-chiP chrstmas cookies

Gluten-Free Cranberry Chip Christmas Cookies

Let’s connect on  Facebook | Twitter  | Instagram | Google +   No joke. Even Santa went gluten-free this year… Help him get through the chimney with these delish Christmas cookies. They’re gluten-free, sweet and super easy to make!   Gluten-Free Cranberry Chip Christmas Cookie Recipe A Vegan Cookie Recipe Ingredients 1 cup unrefined coconut oil 12 oz dried cranberries 12

#Foodisourfriend travel healthy eating FT

Unconventional Healthy Eating Travel Tips that Work

Healthy eating isn’t just about getting your greens on vacation. Without a doubt you should still be eating and drinking your greens, but eating well away from home is all about attitude… Traveling to Texas (a state that’s known for its food and for people’s love of eating) this week has definitely shown be how

#foodisourfriend 12 days of christmas giveaways

#foodisourfriend 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways 2015

We couldn’t be more excited for the holidays! click here This year has been good to me and good for the #foodisourfriend family. We took huge leaps of faith, have grown a lot and feel blessed to be in the space we’re in. Christmas is one of our favorite holidays and this year we’re doing

uberfoodisourfriend free uber code ride slc utah

Ride with Uber for Free with #Foodisourfriend Promo Code + Ride-Sharing Safety Tips

Ride with Uber for Free with #foodisourfriend Promo Code We know that part of being healthy this holiday season means keeping it safe. Car accidents still continue to be a big problem in our country because of: texting and driving. driving under the influence. driving drowsily late at night. …so we teamed up with Uber to

healthy, thanksgiving recipes

Your Guide to a Stress-Free, Healthy Thanksgiving + A Healthy Menu

If you’re reading this you probably don’t think the words stress-free and Thanksgiving should be in the same sentence, but guess what? It just happened and I’m going to help make it for you too! This year for Thanksgiving we’re doing this so NOT traditionally. And it’s awesome! (Thankful I am for the 2 Friendsgiving

bolognse #foodisourfriedn FT

Easy Spaghetti and Bolognese aka Halloween Guts and Intestines

With Halloween around the corner, I can’t tell what I’m most excited about: the fact that I just learned to make AMAZING Bolognese or the fact that we’ll be eating blood, guts and intestines this Halloween. Hehehe… When I think of Halloween, I think of creepy costumes AND food. Because Halloween is the beginning of

healthy eating utah slc

Fall Fit Guide 2015

Stay Healthy and Fit Before the Holidays So summer’s gone and fall is here! It’s grind time… Just because summer is over doesn’t mean your mojo is. Fall is officially here and it’s time to work smarter (not harder!) before temptation season (aka the holidays) rolls around. This guide is going to be your hero. Fall

healthy after school superfoods snacks FT

15+ Guilt-free After School Snack Recipes for Healthy, Strong Students

Ahhhh… it’s that time again when the kids (and even the adults!) are back in school. For some parents, it’s the DREAM. Finally, FREEDOM! But for most people I know, it’s a crying nightmare! I feel for the mothers and fathers right now dealing with separation anxiety. I know your kids are feeling it too, and

univision 32 slc utah summer superfoods

Summer Superfoods Interview on Univision 32

A big thank you to Univision 32 for having us on their Superfoods story this week! This interview was super important to me because it was in spanish, and since I was in school, I made it my business to do what I can to help my spanish community. The interview was about summer superfoods and

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